Going to Court can be intimidating and stressful even when you believe you have a good case. When you are going to Court about the arrangements for your children or about your home, business and assets it can be overwhelming.

Having an experienced court-confident lawyer by your side can alleviate some of the anguish. We know that clear advice and understanding can make the experience easier and having confidence that someone is there as your advocate will help you navigate your way more clearly.

Although most matters do not go to court, it is important to know that if you find yourself there, you have the right person there with you. We take pride in our advocacy on behalf of our clients, we listen to you every step of the way and provide clear and sound advice to help you make decisions.

Days at court often become the unplanned domain of negotiation between the parties, where offers are made to settle issues of disagreement outside the court room and under pressure. We are skilled negotiators and litigators placing you in a position of strength either way.

We have experience and expertise to give you the representation you need.  

Contact us to speak to an experienced family lawyer about your individual circumstances.