Domestic violence and abuse is taken very seriously by the Family Courts. Allegations of domestic violence and abuse impact on both parenting and property proceedings.

In response to community concerns, parliament has extended the definition of Family Violence to include conduct beyond physical violence. The definition now includes allegations of psychological and financial abuse. The change in definition has clarified what the court must consider as violence and how parties are held accountable for behaviour that was perhaps not previously dealt with. 

We understand how family violence can impact on you and your family and provide you with advice that is tailored to your individual circumstances. The Court will balance the need to protect any children from harm with right of children to enjoy a meaningful relationship with both their parents and these objectives are not always in accord.

Contact us to speak to an experienced family lawyer so that we can assist you to identify what impact, allegations of family violence might have on your parenting arrangements and on any property settlement. 

If you are concerned about the ongoing safety of you or your children then you should contact the police.