Family law disputes can be a complicated, emotional and traumatic experience for all parties involved, especially when children are concerned.

Parents often find in the turmoil that can follow the breakdown of a relationship, it can be difficult to negotiate arrangements for the children. Difficulties can often be compounded where there is a real or perceived imbalance of power between the parents or a substantial change of role that parent has traditionally played in the child’s life. Sometimes negotiating an arrangement is thwarted because a parent is concerned for the safety or wellbeing of a child.

Getting the arrangements right

As family lawyers experienced in parenting disputes, we can advise on the areas that should be considered when making arrangements for your children. We can take you carefully though the issues and your concerns, to ensure that they are properly considered before you enter into any agreement about your children.

Wherever possible we will endeavour to guide the process to a timely and cost effective resolution by way of consent orders which formalise the arrangements. Consent orders can protect you from future conflict by creating certainty over arrangements as to where the Children will live, when they will spend time with the other parent, how they will spend school holidays and how important occasions such as birthdays, Christmas, Mothers’ and Fathers’ Days.


COurt anD TimE with your Children

Finding yourself in court over the arrangements for your children is sometimes unavoidable. Orders can be made a court on an interim basis, very early in the court process, about important issues about your child, including which parent they will live with and when it will spend time with the other parent. Orders made early in the proceedings can have implications for the final outcome. We can guide you through the court process and guide you on the law and how it may apply to your individual family circumstances. We know that you will need to make decisions that you believe to be in the best interests of your children and your relationship with them and that you will want to get it right. 



Contact us to discuss your specific concerns about the arrangements for your children with an experienced family lawyer.