De facto couples have similar rights and obligations as married couples. That means that if you are or were in a de facto relationship, any disputes over your children or property will be treated by the courts following the breakdown of your relationship in the same way as for a married couple.


Property and Financial Matters

As people in de facto relationships have the same financial responsibilities to their partners as if they were married it is important to consider how a de facto relationship is defined and if the law applies to you.

The Family Law Act will apply to a party seeking order for maintenance or property adjustment if the period or periods the relationship is two years or longer, if there is a child of the relationship, if one or both parties to the relationship made substantial contributions and it would be seriously unjust if the Act did not apply or if the relationship was registered under a state law. We can advise you if your relationship is covered by the Act. [Contact us] and speak to a lawyer experienced in law applying to de facto relationships.


Time limits apply

A party to a de facto relationship can bring an application for a property settlement or maintenance under the Family Law Act within two years of the relationship ending.

After that time an application for a property settlement can only be made with the consent of the parties or with permission from the court.

That means you should not delay if you wish to formalise a property settlement. Contact us an speak to an experienced family lawyer about your individual circumstances. 

De facto relationships can exist whether same or different sex, when you are married to someone else or in another de facto relationship. We can ensure that your financial relationship with your partner is resolved in a just and equitable manner. [Find out more]



Importantly, as experienced family lawyers we have the expertise to advise and assist you with making arrangements for your Children. 

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