Although both parents have an obligation to provide financial support for their children, deciding how the ongoing expenses for the children are met provides a constant source of conflict between parents. We can advise you about child support and the options available to you.


What must be paid?

One way of dealing with Child Support is to make an Application to the Department of Human Services who will calculate the amount of support that is payable between the parties. You can also choose to involve the Department of Human Services in the collection and payment of support if it suits your individual circumstances.


What about the school fees?

Child Support calculations will not suit every situation. There can be substantial ongoing expenses that parties may need to consider, such as who pays the school fees, education and sporting expenses and medical costs. These are not expenses that are contemplated by the Child Support calculations.  

We can provide advice about agreements between the parties which deal with the expenses relating to the Children and whether an such agreement would be beneficial to you or not.


Who must pay? 

If your name appears on the Child’s birth certificate, if there is a court finding declaring you a parent, or if you have signed a statutory declaration that you are a parent, then it is likely that you are a parent with a child support obligation.

Child support laws apply to same sex couples as well.  Where child support is not offered, it may be necessary to seek a declaration from the courts that a child support assessment should be issued for a child and payable by former partner.


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